CED Ability Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds are an important teaching tool that helps our teams and other disability service providers keep up to date in evolving areas that may be directly related, or associated with our core practice. The CED hosts a variety of state and national experts to share information and provide opportunities for discussion.

The CED’s Ability Grand Rounds series take place once a month online by webinar and are open to all to participate.

February 2021 - Differentiating ID and ASD: Measurement matters

Speaker objectives

Attendees of this talk will learn:

  1. The scientific and clinical importance of accurately differentiating ID and ASD.
  2. The DSM-based guidelines and clinical best practice for the diagnosis of ID, and of ASD in the context of ID.
  3. The current state of knowledge regarding the use and validity of tools used to assess ASD symptoms in the context of ID.
  4. The definition of measurement invariance and its relevance to tools used to assess ASD symptoms in the context of ID.
Presentation (PDF)

Our plans for 2021

March 9th @ 1 PM
Presenter: Dr. Dikaios Sakellariou
Title: Barriers to accessing cancer services for adults with physical activities in England and Wales

April 13th @ 2 PM
Presenter: Dr. Katie Wang
Title: Consequences of confronting patronizing help for people with disabilities

May 11th @ 2 PM
Presenter: Dr. Bruce Meyer
Title: Safety net in general including SS Disability and VA disability benefits