CED Communities of Practice: Transition to Employment

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

WVU CED received funding recently from the West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council to explore best practices as they relate to individuals with disabilities gaining and retaining employment. It is our goal to bring together employers, employees/job seekers, and community agencies to contribute to the conversation. 

Join us as we hear from experts across the country, discuss how their successful trends might translate here in West Virginia, and finally, be part of developing a product that can help share this information across the state. 

Attendees will be invited back to participate monthly through November 2021 on a set of topics- Transition to Higher Education; Transition to Vocational Training; Preparing Employers; and Preparing Employees. We hope you will come to the table and share your experiences and concerns! Please email Mandy Filippelli with any questions or special needs (amanda.filiippelli@hsc.wvu.edu).