New podcast episode: Living a life I didn't plan for

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Episode 11: "Living a life I didn't plan for" - Leeann Pellegrin, boy mom x 5, advocate and author of children's book "Hey, I'm Alex".

When Kyle was born, Leeann and her family were thrown into a tailspin. Life changed quickly for the Pellegrins and they found themselves navigating an unknown diagnosis and new lifestyle. Leeann's advocacy and tenacity ensured Kyle received the inclusive education and medical care he deserved. Leeann narrates a story of raising a child with special needs during a time when resources are limited and how she empowered Kyle and his brothers to be advocates for themselves and others with special needs. She discusses the sibling dynamic and how having a child with special needs affects her other children from her parent lens, and the inspiration for her book, Hey, I'm Alex, written from Kyle's younger brother's perspective. 

Adjusting the Sails is a podcast hosted by the Paths for Parents and Family to Family programs at the WVU CED aimed to discuss the lives and specific challenges children with special health care needs and other disabilities and their families, caregivers, and service providers face, and how to manage those challenges. The podcast serves as a platform for all disability-related topics to be discussed and as a mediator between families and caregivers to share their stories and experiences. The podcast features guest speakers, panelists, and a variety of program representatives and service providers to offer education and training to the listener.

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