Autism Resources Asset Map

Click on the map below to see autism resources located in your area. Resources are organized by diagnosis, parent-child interaction therapy, ABA providers, behavior therapy, speech, occupational, and physical therapy, transition services, recreational services, and hearing evaluation. If you know of any additional resources not included on this map, please contact Melina Danko at

State Wide Resources

Multiple Services

  • WHOLE Families PLLC

    Diagnosis, Behavior Therapy, Advocacy

    Joseph Scotti PhD, BCBA & Claudia Neely, MA, LPC, BCBA
    Phone: (304)-906-9087, (412)-607-4142

  • WV Birth to 3

    Services & Support for families with infants and toddlers who have/are at risk for developmental delays

    Phone: 1(800)-624-8522 or (304)-558-5388

  • Division of Rehabilitation Services

    Phone: 1(800)-642-8207

School Services

  • School Education Programming

    Offered by each county’s school system in accordance with federal and state guidelines to eligible children who have developmental delays or disabilities that qualify them for services.

    Phone: Contact your county’s special education office OR WV Department of Special Education: 1(800)-642-8541

  • The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

    Designed to protect the rights of children with disabilities and their parents. Your child has the right to an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

    Phone: Contact your local school system for more information OR see the ADVOCATES section of this manual

  • Services in West Virginia Schools Guidelines for Best Practice

    The purpose of this guidance document is to:

    1. Provide education related information about autism spectrum disorders
    2. Assist Individualized Education Program (IEP) Teams, including parents, develop researched based educational programs for children and youth who qualify for special education services under the autism disability category.

Contact an Advocate

  • Family to Family Health Information Center

    Provides access to providers and resources within West Virginia. Goal is to promote optimal health for children and adults with special health care needs by helping families, health professionals, and communities partner in facilitating access to cost-effective, quality care.

    Phone: 304-293-4692

  • West Virginia Parent Training and Information, Inc.

    Provides education and training services on special education policies, preparing for Individual Education Planning (IEP) meetings, and working collaboratively with school personnel.

    Phone: (304)-472-5697 OR 1(800)-281-1436

  • WVU College of Law Child and Family Law Clinic

    Provides legal assistance on a sliding fee scale to qualified children and families. They can assist with:

    1. Family Law – matters of domestic violence, protection orders, adoption, custody, and guardianship matters
    2. Education Law – special education and early intervention advocacy
    3. Housing – landlord-tenant issues, public housing problems
    4. Trust and Estate Law – special needs trusts and wills

    And other legal issues that impact children and families Primarily service Monongalia, Marion, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Harrison, Randolph, Doddridge, Lewis, and Ritchie counties.

    Phone: (304)-293-6808

  • Disability Rights of West Virginia

    Private non-profit agency dedicated to protecting and advocating for the legal rights of West Virginians with disabilities

    Phone: 1(800)-950-5250

  • WHOLE Families PLLC

    Joseph Scotti PhD, BCBA & Claudia Neely, MA, LPC, BCBA
    Phone: (304)-906-9087, (412)-607-4142

Health Care Assistance

  • Contact Insurance

    Each insurance provider covers therapy services (ABA, ST, OT, PT, etc.,) differently. Contact your Insurance provider to ensure coverage and benefits. If questions or concerns arise, discuss these with the therapy provider.

  • Apply for SSI

    Social Security Disability (SSI):
    Based on both disability and income eligibility for children with special health care needs. If children qualify, they are eligible for a WV Medical Card to help cover expenses and cost of care, in addition to need-based funding from the state.
    Phone: 1(800)-772-1213 Website:

  • Apply for Waiver

    Title 19 Home and Community Based Waiver (I/DD Waiver):
    Run through APS Healthcare.
    The IDD Waiver provides a lifetime medical card and a host of other services for children with lifelong disabilities. These services may include respite care, paid transportation, and therapeutic services.
    Phone: 1(866)-385-8920

Other Community Supports