September 2020 - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resources

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Please note that we are loaning items at this time and have established thorough policies to clean, sanitize, and disinfect all outgoing and incoming items to and from the library. If you have a critical need, please contact us.

September 2020 - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resources

Did you know each year the last week of September is recognized as Deaf Awareness Week? Worldwide, this weeklong observation is commemorated with various activities: marches, debates, campaigns, exhibits, and more. Many of these celebrations have been moved to virtual environments because of COVID-19. You can learn more about how West Virginia is celebrating Deaf Awareness Week by visiting West Virginia Hands and Voices.

We have an extensive inventory of ASL items! Take a look at a few of the resources our Disability Resource Library provides and, as always, please feel free to reach out to Roger May, the Media Resource Specialist for the Center for Excellence in Disabilities, via email at or by phone at 304-205-6434.

Featured Resources

Arrangements for borrowing or returning resources during this COVID period can be made by calling 304-205-6434.
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Words in Hands By Diane Lane Chambers

an image of the Words in Hands: A Teacher, A Deaf-Blind Man, An Unforgettable Journey featuring a woman h olding an elderly man's hands

This heartwarming narrative about the life-changing power of sign language communication is told by the author and teacher, Diane Chambers.

Bert Riedel, an eighty-six-year-old deaf-blind pianist, cut off from the world since age forty-five, discovers a new life through hand-over-hand sign. This heartwarming narrative about the life-changing power of sign language communication is told by Diane Chambers, Bert Riedel's sign language teacher. Diane finds her world transformed as well by her relationship with her unique deaf-blind student. You can borrow Words in My Hands now.

Hand in Hand: Essentials of Communication and Orientation and Mobility for Your Students Who are Deaf-Blind by Prickett, Joffee, Welch, and Huebner

An in-service training guide that presents structured information and guidelines for using the Hand In Hand materials with various audiences. Focusing on the needs of the trainer, this manual provides sample blueprints for individual workshops, as well as an overview of training, assessment, and evaluation. Also includes sample forms for conducting a pretraining needs assessment and post training evaluation.

You can borrow Hand in Hand from our library now.

Sign About Series Illustrated by Anthony Lewis

All children naturally communicate with gestures, even before they develop the ability to speak. By teaching simple sign language to children from as young as seven months, we can help them to convey their emotions and their needs, as well as giving them a valuable head start in their social and intellectual development. Charming illustrations of babies and toddlers demonstrate the 40 signs in each book. You can borrow Sign About Getting Ready, Sign About Play Time, Sign About Meal Time, and Sign About Going Out from our library now.

A Place for Grace by Jean Davies Okimoto

A place for Grace

Grace is a little dog with big dreams--to be a seeing-eye dog. She is disappointed to learn that she is too small for guide dog school, but not is not discouraged for long. She's discovered by Charlie, a deaf man who sees her perform a remarkable rescue and who knows a way she can use her eagerness and courage to help other people.

You can borrow A Place for Grace now!

Jay, Disability Awareness Puppet

Our Disability Awareness Puppets are designed to dispel fears, myths, and misconceptions about people with disabilities. There are a total of six individual multicultural, full-bodied hand and rod puppets. Jay, who is deaf/hard of hearing, doesn't hear voices well, not even his own. He has learned to talk, read lips, and uses sign language. He teaches the children to sing and sign "Happy Birthday."

You can borrow Jay and our other Disability Awareness Puppets from our library now!

Signing Time! by Two Little Hands Production

The Preschool and Child Care Program contains all the resources needed to teach engaging, fun-filled lessons and activities to infants, toddlers, and and preschoolers. This program includes: 4 Teacher Guides each with 7 complete units of fun songs and easy to do activities 4 Baby Signing Time DVDs featuring Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman 4 Baby Signing Time Music CDs with songs that teach and inspire 4 Resource CDs with hundreds of printables 4 Sign Reference Charts 24" x 36" posters with color photographs and supporting illustrations 1 Program Binder.

You can borrow the Preschool and Child Care Program and the Signing Times Two DVD collection from our library now!

Navigation Tips - Parents and Teachers as a Team

As parents of school-age children during a pandemic, a growth mindset can help us embrace the challenges we will face at the start of this school year. One of the most important ways you can help your child start this year off on the best foot possible is to model your own growth mindset… because, for better or worse, children never fail to imitate! Here is a Parent’s Mantra for you. Speak it to yourself and speak it out loud often. Let your child hear you acknowledge the challenges of these times, but also let them hear the hope and confidence in your words.

growth mindset mantras for parents as we start a new school year: we don't all need all the answers to get started; everything is figure out-able; my child, their teacher, and I are on the same team; we don't know the full plan yet, but we will figure it out; together we can do hard things; this is hard, but we can work together for solutions

A Child's Champion

Hands and Voices West Virginia logo

This month's Child's Champion is West Virginia Hands & Voices.

WV Hands & Voices is dedicated to the non-biased support of families who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing without bias toward communication modality or methodology. They strive to provide activities and information statewide to parents and professionals that may include outreach events, educational seminars, advocacy support, and parent-to-parent networking.

WV Hands & Voices represent people who use a variety of languages and approaches to communication and assistive technology. They are a parent-lead, non-profit organization providing families with the tools and information needed to improve communication access and educational outcomes for their children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Through outreach activities, parent/professional collaboration, and advocacy efforts they focus on enabling deaf or hard of hearing children to reach their highest potential.

You can learn more about WV Hands & Voices here.

Do you know someone you'd like to nominate to be featured as a Child's Champion in our monthly newsletter? Please let us know! Contact Roger May, the Media Resource Specialist for the Center for Excellence in Disabilities, via email at or by phone at 304-205-6434.