May 2021 - Celebrating "Mothers" in May

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May 2021
Celebrating "Mothers" in May

a photo of a new mother holding her infant's hand

To all the women who care for a child with special health care needs...
We celebrate you!

Parenting a child with special health care needs can be challenging, particularly if your child has complex medical conditions. This month we are celebrating our West Virginia mothers. These strong, courageous women overcome adversity, expertly navigate the health care and educational systems, perform complex technical medical procedures and create social opportunities for their child. They do all of this while emphasizing to others the joys and rewards involved in raising a child with special health care needs.

These mothers are the unsung heroes in our communities! We celebrate you!

Please have a look at a few of the resources our Disability Resource Library provides. Contact us by calling 304-293-4692 or visiting our WVU CED Disability Resource Library website.

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Featured Resources

the cover of More than a Mom

More Than a Mom: Living a Full and Balanced Life When Your Child has Special Needs
By Amy Baskin and Heather Fawcett

MORE THAN A MOM explores how women can lead rich, fulfilling personal lives while parenting a child with special needs. This how-to guide looks at the challenges mothers face at home, at work, and within themselves.

Borrow More Than a Mom: Living a Full and Balanced Life When Your Child has Special Needs

From the Heart: On Being the Mother of a Child with Special Needs
by Jayne D. B. Marsh

In eye-opening narratives based on their parent support group process, nine mothers explore the intense, sometimes painful, emotional terrain of raising a child with special needs. The children who have helped shape these women's lives have a variety of specials needs, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADD and multiple disabilities.

Their successes, setbacks, struggles, and joys are shared in this heartwarming book.

Borrow From the Heart: On Being the Mother of a Child with Special Need

Key Education Photo Conversation Cards— Grades K-5 (Autism, Asperger's, Social, Emotional)

This is a great Mom-&-Me Activity!

These photo cards help children on the Autism spectrum practice individual, social, and oral language skills in context so they can understand and respond to a variety of common situations.

Each photo card features a specific social situation on the front. The back of each card includes prompts, social narratives, and guided practice suggestions to help parents teach essential communication and social skills.

Teach your child to navigate social situations with confidence.

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To Grandma's House, We...Stay When You Have to Stop Spoiling Your Grandchildren & Start Raising Them
by Sally Houtman

cover of Grandma's House

TO GRANDMA'S HOUSE, WE...STAY is a timely road map that guides grandparents through the uncharted territories of parenting a second generation of children. It offers practical solutions to real-life problems that families face when traditional roles and relationships are redefined.

Borrow this book Borrow To Grandma's House, We...Stay

My Feelings Game: Exploring Emotions
by Sensational Learners Ages: 4yrs and up

What scares your child? What makes him or her happy, frustrated, or angry? This inspirational game encourages you and your child to explore these emotions in fun, active, (and sometimes very silly) ways. The game features seven basic feeling that players will first identify, then explore by drawing cards.

As they play, children discover how to recognize feelings in themselves and in others, and to cope with them in socially appropriate ways.

Borrow My Feelings Game: Exploring Emotions

Mama Zooms (Children's Book)
by Jane Cowen-Fletcher

A mother's wheel chair provides a variety of different play scenarios for her and her son.

Borrow Mama Zooms.

"Mom" Navigation Tips (The Importance of Self-Care)

A note to our moms,

"Your self-care is crucial to the wellbeing of the entire family. The more you nurture yourself, the more you will be able to care for your child and increase your family's overall quality of life." (Nan Huai, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist)

  • Make a habit of scheduling "me time"
  • Move your body: walk, stretch, dance
  • Explore meditation or yoga
  • Tap into the kindness of your "village" (Ask for help)
  • Connect with other parents

Every Tuesday (7pm) Circle of Parents Live, Virtual, On-line

WVU's Center for Excellence in Disabilities hosts Circle of Parents, a place where parents of all types can gather and share their stories, their experiences, their worries, their fears, their wisdom, and find community and strength together.

Join us this Tuesday!

Register Here

Parenting as a Military Parent

Parent-Leaders in WVU Project DOCC
(Delivery of Chonic Care)

a photo of a mom sitting outside with her daughter in front of a campfire

Autumn Johnson, Robin Hatcher, and Tracy Woods along with several other trained parents from West Virginia co-teach with WVU faculty and lead live, virtual simulation experiences for WVU's Health Sciences. By sharing their personal stories with inter-professional groups of learners from the various health care disciplines at WVU, they teach future health care providers to better serve families of children with complex medical needs. Their firsthand experiences with medical care systems provide learners with a parent's perspective on daily life. These amazing parents encourage the learners to ask hard and sometimes uncomfortable questions during the simulation in order to gain a clear understanding of the importance of including the family on the medical team.

WVU Project DOCC simulations occur monthly. Participating parents are paid a $60 stipend.

If you'd like to learn more about WVU Project DOCC or would like to join our parent leader team, please contact Sherri Gothart-Barron, our Parent Network Specialist. or 304-293-4692