IMPACT WV announces support for Peer Recovery Coalition

Members of the Coalition will also receive resources and certification fee assistance

Monday, March 4, 2024

The IMPACT WV program has announced support for a new Peer Recovery Coalition.

Peer Recovery Support Specialists will have the opportunity to come together as a combined action group to share information on specific topics. Members of the Coalition will also receive resources and certification fee assistance.

Peer Recovery certification assistance is available for 25 participants up to $200 from the following options covered by IMPACT WV. Assistance available for IMPACT WV Peer Recovery Coalition members only.

Peer Recovery Support Specialist assistance types:

  • Peer Recovery application review ($75)
  • Peer Recovery certification exam fees ($100)
  • Peer Recovery re-certification fees ($100)
  • Continuing education that meets WVCBAPP requirements


  • Reside in West Virginia
  • Meet the WVCBAPP requirements for a Peer Recovery Support Specialist
  • Be willing to participate in the IMPACT WV Peer Recovery Coalition

Apply to join Coalition and receive fee assistance.

Services will be offered based on funding availability from January - June 2024.

View additional resources from the WV Peer Training Hub.

For questions, please contact Sue Workman, Program Manager, IMPACT WV:

IMPACT WV is working with communities in West Virginia to create opportunities designed to improve health outcomes and increase opportunities for women who have, or are currently using substances, and have an infant who has been diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) or exposed to substances in utero. The work includes providing outreach, and direct services, along with training and treatment support.