Education and Training

The CED serves as a bridge between the university and community to meet the needs of people with disabilities through research, education and service. To help meet these needs the CED educates students, families and professionals on best practices. Education and training is provided through one on one consultations, group trainings, academic coursework and mentoring.

The CED works to train students who will be working in the field of disabilities or health related careers to build a workforce that is knowledgeable about how best to serve individuals with disabilities and their families. Providing continuing education to those already in the workforce is equally important and the CED provides many professional development opportunities across the state.

The CED and many of its programs have training components related to their area of expertise. Visit the Training page linked below to learn more.

CED Ability Grand Rounds

Upcoming Dates

April 13th at 2 PM
Presenter: Dr. Katie Wang
Title: Consequences of confronting patronizing help for people with disabilities

May 11th at 2 PM
Presenter: Dr. Bruce Meyer
Title: Safety net in general including SS Disability and VA disability benefits

March 2021 - Cancer Disparities for People With Disabilities: Bridging the Gap

Speaker Objectives

Presenter: Dr. Dikaios Sakellariou

By the end of this session, participants will have:

  1. Gained an overview of the cancer disparities experiences by people with disabilities,
  2. Explored the reasons underpinning such disparities, and
  3. Identified strategies that can lead to more equitable cancer care.