Disability Inclusion Identity Badge

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this experience, students will:

  1. Identify the intersectionality of disability and mainstream culture.
  2. Recognize disability as an identity.
  3. View themselves as agents of change for disability equity and inclusion by integrating new knowledge into their family, workplace, and community experiences.


Recipients must complete the full DII curriculum in SOLE to earn this badge. An electronic checklist has been built into the badge curriculum to help students track their progress.


  1. Individuals interested in this micro-credential may sign up here.
  2. Individuals enrolled to complete the micro-credential will be assigned an advisor from the badge committee who will help them navigate the process and address challenges or questions that may arise.
  3. Badge will be awarded upon successful completion of final project presentation. All badges will be credentialed through WVU TLC and the WVU Provost Office.

Program Elements and Evaluation

  1. To be awarded micro-credential badge participant must accrue a total of 40 hours, including:
    • Required components
    • Final project and presentation
    • Flex hours determined by each individual student
  2. No prerequisites required
  3. Components are scored via rubric or task completion
  4. Written submissions must comply with standard APA 7 formatting. Video responses and reflections will be submitted as MP4 files or linked to YouTube in SOLE.

Available programs, courses and activities for participation:

*This is not an exhaustive list but is intended to provide an overview of the program and sample activities:

  • Pre-Badge Reflection: Viewpoints of Disability
  • Crip Camp Documentary + Reflection
  • Journaling and Reflections
  • Accessible Language Training
  • Accessible Documents Training
  • Webinars and submission of learning points
  • Completion of Independent Learning Modules
  • Participate in Interdisciplinary Journal Club
  • CED Program Exploration and written/video response
  • Attendance at CED Grand Rounds/Webinars
  • Self-Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Article Responses
  • Final project and presentation

For more information contact Dr. Cassie Miller at ccorbett@hsc.wvu.edu.