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Our goal is to promote optimal health for children and youth with special health care needs.

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Finding a Pediatrician

The best way to start looking for a pediatrician is by asking other parents you know and trust. They are likely to know you, your style, and your needs. You also should consider asking your obstetrician for advice. She will know local pediatricians who are competent and respected within the medical community. If you’re new to the community, you may decide to contact a nearby hospital, medical school, or county medical society for a list of local pediatricians. If you are a member of a managed care plan, you probably will be required to choose a pediatrician from among their approved network of doctors.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Once you have the names of several pediatricians you wish to consider, start by contacting and arranging a personal interview with each of them. Many pediatricians are happy to fit such preliminary interviews into their busy schedules. Before meeting with the pediatrician, the office staff should be able to answer some of your more basic questions: 

Contact your CSHCN Care Coordination nurse for assistance in finding a provider in your area.

  • Is the pediatrician accepting new patients with my insurance or managed care plan?
  • What are the office hours?
  • What is the best time to call with routine questions? 
  • Does the pediatrician take his/her own emergency calls at night or during off hours?  If not, how are calls handled?
  • How does the office handle billing and insurance claims? Is payment due at the time of the visit?