Student Training Opportunities

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Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND)
Provides long-term graduate level interdisciplinary training to health professionals, for purpose of developing leaders to improve available health services for children with or at risk of neurodevelopmental/related disabilities.
Diversity & Disability Fellowship
The purpose of the WVU CED Diversity & Disability Fellowship is to increase knowledge of disability services and supports and increase the diversity of leadership and staff across the disability field. The Fellowship Program recruits graduate and professional level students from diverse backgrounds to include individuals from racial and ethnic minority backgrounds, individuals with limited English proficiency, individuals from underserved geographic areas (rural or urban), different disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals as defined by AIDD.

Certificate, Minor

A collaboration between West Virginia University's Department of Special Education/College of Education and Human Services and the Center for Excellence in Disabilities

People with disabilities play an integral part in our modern day society. As the population of people with disabilities continues to grow, so does the need for knowledgeable professionals and informed citizens. An Interdisciplinary Certificate in Disability Studies, offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, became part of WVU's curriculum in 2001. As an extension of this program, we are pleased to offer an undergraduate Minor in Disability Studies. This minor can augment studies in a wide range of academic majors or serve as an area of emphasis in the Multidisciplinary Studies programs (MDS). With a greater understanding of disability issues, the student can expand their professional and employment options in a variety of fields.

Program of Study For the Undergraduate Minor in Disability Studies

The Disability Studies Minor consists of six (6) required courses for a total of 15 credit hours. A grade of B- or above is required for all coursework.

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  • DISB 304* Special Education in Contemporary Society
    3 credits
  • DISB 380 Disability and the Family
    3 credits
  • DISB 381 Lifespan Disability Policy
    3 credits
  • DISB 385 Disability and Society
    3 credits
  • DISB 482 Disability in the Community
    2 credits
  • DISB 486 Capstone Portfolio: Disability
    1 credit
  • DISB 380 and DISB 385 have been approved to satisfy Objective 6 of the WVU General Education Curriculum. Several of the courses also include field experiences or service learning opportunities.
  • *SPED 304 may be substituted for DISB 304; SPED 304 has been approved to satisfy Objective 4 and Objective 6 of the WVU General Education Curriculum.

For more information, contact:

Center for Excellence in Disabilities, West Virginia University
304-293-4692 x1108 or
All printed materials are available in braille, electronic format, cassette tape and large print. WVU is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution.