ADHD/ADD Resources

  • Teenagers with ADD: A Parents' Guide cover
    TEENAGERS WITH ADD takes a comprehensive look a the special issues and challenges faced by these teens, their families, teachers, and treatment professionals.
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  • Taking Charge of ADHD cover
    This book has been revise and updated to incorporate the most current information on ADHD and its treatment.
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  • Zipper cover
    Youngsters with ADHD will really relate to Caroline Janover's novel. The author has written a wonderful story which entertains as well as teaches.
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  • SOS Help for Parents cover
    The Menu of Solutions for 46 Problem Behaviors guides you in selecting the best methods for handling the most challenging behaviors.
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  • Maybe you know my Kid cover
    This updated edition outlines the latest advances in the causes, treatments, and understanding of AD/HD, a common and troubling disorder.
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  • Time Tracker Visual Time and Clock cover
    It's never been easier to keep kids on track! Unique timer's light and sound cues help to keep your whole class on track.
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  • Time Timer 8 cover
    The timer is used to solve time perception problems for all ages and ability levels. It creates a visual awareness of elapsed time.
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  • Beyond High School: Strategies for Nontraditional Students (DVD) cover
    This unique program provides encouragement for high school students, reminding them that there are different avenues to a successful and rewarding life after high school.
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  • Borrow Now

    Loan programs allow people with disabilities to borrow equipment and try it in their natural environments (home, school, workplace, etc.) to help them in making a better decision as to whether the product and its features will be useful to them.

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