Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Library Resources

  • Fruit Rainbow: Healthy Eating for People with Developmental Disabilities (DVD) cover
    This engaging program shows teens and adults who have intellectual disabilities how to add fruit to their diets.
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  • Job Success for Persons With Developmental Disabilities cover
    Help individuals make a successful transition into good community-based employment.
    Check out Job Success
  • Disabled Fables cover
    Disabled Fables is a collection of time-honored stories by Aesop, retold and illustrated by artists with developmental disabilities.
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  • Hopkins Toilet Training Kit cover
    Rachel Coleman, holds children's attention of all ages to sing, dance, and play as they learned sign language.
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  • Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors cover
    In this book, Mather and Goldstein identify 10 building blocks important to learning success.
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  • Including Samuel cover
    Photojournalist Dan Habib rarely thought about inclusion before his son Samuel was born Now he thinks about inclusion every day.
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  • Young Children with Special Needs cover
    This is a reference book including information on the following: typical development and factors that can affect development, developmental domains, and the principles of assessment and intervention.
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  • I Belong - Active Learning for Children With Special Needs cover
    This book looks at the core principles of HighScope's participatory learning approach in which young children actively construct their knowledge of the world.
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  • Including One, Including All cover
    This practical and engaging book chronicles the reflections and actions of teachers within a preschool setting whose primary emphasis is establishing strong relationships.
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  • The Parent to Parent Handbook cover
    An essential resource for every family who has a child with a disability and for every professional who works with families of children who have disabilities.
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  • It's All Part of the Job (DVD) cover
    A video highlighting real-life workers with developmental disabilities and social skills needed for job success.
    Check out It's All Part of the Job
  • Borrow Now

    Loan programs allow people with disabilities to borrow equipment and try it in their natural environments (home, school, workplace, etc.) to help them in making a better decision as to whether the product and its features will be useful to them.

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