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May 2021 - Celebrating "Mothers" in May

a photo of a new mother holding her infant's hand

To all the women who care for a child with special health care needs...
We celebrate you!

Parenting a child with special health care needs can be challenging, particularly if your child has complex medical conditions. This month we are celebrating our West Virginia mothers. These strong, courageous women overcome adversity, expertly navigate the health care and educational systems, perform complex technical medical procedures and create social opportunities for their child. They do all of this while emphasizing to others the joys and rewards involved in raising a child with special health care needs.

These mothers are the unsung heroes in our communities! We celebrate you!

Please have a look at a few of the resources our Disability Resource Library provides. Contact us by calling 304-293-4692 or visiting our WVU CED Disability Resource Library website.

May 2021 - Celebrating "Mothers" in May

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