The Wayfinders Clinic helps people connect to disability services and information. The Clinic team helps people learn about service options and resources available in their community by hosting virtual meetings with providers and families.

The Wayfinders team includes licensed speech pathologists, social workers, behavior specialists and other professionals who are experts in their field, as well as Parent Network Specialists (PNS) who have first-hand experiences parenting a child with disabilities.

The Wayfinders Clinic serves:

people with disabilities, their families and caregivers who meet certain factors, including:

  1. Other agencies, in addition to CED, need to be engaged for services.
  2. Experiencing barriers to receiving services, which are known, suspected or otherwise shared (for example: lack of identification paperwork, insurance coverage issues, stigma/bias among providers).
  3. Having health-related social needs (affordable or stable housing, nutrition needs, personal safety, transportation, etc.).
  4. Needing supports while on a waitlist to receive other services.

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